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EXS seeks long-term partnerships with expert management teams to 
build companies of lasting value & create significant wealth for
founders, management & investors

EXS looks for a combination of qualities...

  • Experienced partners with high integrity, reputation and with a proven track record

  • Undervalued situations or markets with potential for long-term growth

  • Structure that aligns interests between all parties, with protection for investors and control for management

We primarily focus on two types of partners

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Traditional Real Estate Developers

  • Traditional developers of residential, commercial and/or hospitality real estate

  • Proven execution ability with good product design and quality as well as ability to originate

  • Strong local expertise, networks, and knowledge in a particular geography

Sector Specialists

  • Specialized management teams focused on thematic real estate sectors

  • Alternative asset classes within real estate such as data centers, logistics, healthcare, etc.

  • Regional or global focus across multiple jurisdictions



EXS works alongside management teams as flexible long-term partners

Our goal is to form complementary partnerships with founders and management teams in an aligned structure

We want to let the management team focus on their strengths, while EXS helps form and guide the overall capital strategy

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Management focuses on its core operations and underlying assets

EXS guides overall capital strategy to increase value over time

Management - operations, development, branding, design

EXS - capital strategy, corporate finance, M&A, value realization

We are not just investors, but part of the team to grow the platform

We work side-by-side with the management team and invest our own money, time and effort to show "skin in the game"

We typically also take common equity alongside founders/management team to fully align interests - whatever is good for your equity is good for us

Management alignment is critical to us, and we promote the use of incentive plans like ESOP schemes to help retain and recruit management

EXS adapts its strategy to each project with multiple sources of capital

We flexibly design the structure of each project to suit the needs of the project 


We have access to the full range of capital, ranging form VCs and high net worth individuals to major institutional investors and banks 

Our value-add goes far beyond capital

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand from experience what founders and management team need

Our experience and track record has given us the capabilities and a wide network of resources, relationships, and more, which we can contribute on top of capital, such as performing private equity real estate related financial analysis, evaluation & management and all related business activities (click to see more)

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