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EXS is committed to responsible investing to create long-term value. We seek to adopt ESG best practices and integrate ESG factors into the investment lifecycle

Responsible Investments

EXS has a rigorous due diligence process, including ESG factors assessment. We endeavor to avoid material environmental, social or government risks in our investments

  • Conduct internal ESG screening, personnel checking across Dow Jones Risk Database, as well as engaging external specialists to provide additional review

  • Supporting the UNPRI and ILPA Private Equity Principles for investment reporting

  • Upholding strong and ethical governance procedures and actively engaging with our business partners to promote best practices     

Sustainable Private Equity Real Estate

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Private Equity

EXS's ongoing investments have strong dedication to ESG​:

  • We invest in Social Real Estate, a fundamentally ESG friendly sector that contributes to people, community, and environment via:  ​​

    • "Sharing Economy" model: sharing of spaces and resources among customers

    • Lower barriers to entry and enhanced accessibility to live, work and play                                                            

  • EXS's investee companies employ hundreds of people in emerging markets and provide dedicated training and benefits to local employees 

Real Estate

We aim to minimize environmental impact throughout the real estate investment and operation cycle through our business partners and investee companies, such as:

  • Supporting continual improvements to the efficient use of resources, e.g. energy usage, water usage and waste management

  • Advocating on health & wellness, integrating enhancement into property development, renovation and management

  • Understand, identify, and manage material ESG risks and opportunities through day-to-day operational practices and staff training​, as well as supporting GRESB assessment for real asset portfolios



Employment and Workplace

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Hundreds of local employees employed across the region, providing training and a positive workplace

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Regular CSR and workplace training for staff, such as first-aid workshops

Local Community Engagement

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Organize & host charity events such as education events for local schools

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Environmental projects in partnership with local organizations and NGOs to engage with the local community

Diversity and Inclusion

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Prioritize safety of female travelers and customers

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Frequent CSR events, such as Pride Week

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