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EXS Business Activities

  • Financial analysis

  • Capital investments

  • Financial consultancy

  • Real estate agencies

  • Real estate management

  • Financial evaluation for insurance, banking, and real estate purposes

  • Financial management

  • Financial sponsorship, namely, providing venture capital, development capital, private equity and investment funding

  • Financial advisory services

  • Fund investments

  • Insurance brokerage

  • Insurance consultancy

  • Insurance information

  • Capital investment

  • Real estate agencies

  • Real estate appraisal

  • Real estate brokerage

  • Real estate management consultation

  • Securities brokerage

  • Private equity fund investment services

  • Alternative investments, namely, real estate investment services and private equity fund investment services

  • Advisory services relating to securities

  • Management of investment funds of others

  • Wealth management

  • Family office management

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