EXS has built a strong track record of successful partnerships with both management teams & investors, with over US$1 billion of completed & ongoing investments across Asia


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Project Lemongrass


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Luxury residential, office & hospitality real estate developer



SonKim Land was established in 2007 as a small family business, part of the SonKim Group and led by Chairman Tuan

After forming a partnership in 2013, EXS led 3 rounds of investment into the company over the course of 6 years, totaling nearly US$200 million of invested capital, and growing the company from 26 to 350 people

SonKim Land used the funds to develop various real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City, and today is one of the leading real estate developers in Vietnam

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Project Stratus


Major cities across Asia & Europe


Thematic, specialized data centre properties platform and developer, dedicated to serving hyperscale cloud providers and leading data centre operators with a focus in Asia Pacific & Europe



Stratus was founded in 2016 as a partnership between EXS and an expert data centre management team led by Nigel Clarkson, who has over 20 years of experience in data centre investments & developments

Stratus has worked with a number of global investors to identify and secure exclusive access to data centre projects and tenants through existing relationships, with capability to provide comprehensive products that meet its customers’ needs


Stratus is not a data centre operator and does not compete with tenants in colocation/cloud business. Stratus aims to be the long-term property partner of its clients, leverage its expertise in sourcing sites outside their home markets, securing power & planning, and developing build-to-suit data centres (powered shells) in multiple locations across Asia Pacific, Europe & Africa, achieving true “resource augmentation” for global hyperscalers and DC operators

EPIC Strategy

The new EXS Property Innovation Concepts ("EPIC") strategy will provide investors the advantages of an onshore Singapore fund that is intended to be managed by regulated manager and entered into the List of Restricted Schemes maintained by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, while allowing investors the flexibility to invest on either a deal-by-deal or managed basis. Within the EPIC strategy, EXS is working on partnerships with "new economy", technology forward, “OpCo / PropCo” real estate businesses such as:


The Company is one of Southeast Asia's leading hostel operators, having organically grown across 6 countries since its founding in 2011. The Company successfully operates a unique & profitable experience-led business model, with a young and diverse customer base who seek to explore the region


In partnership with EXS, the Company is expanding its presence across the region, building a strong tech ecosystem, and acquiring the underlying property to capture the full value uplift generated as a result of its strong guest traffic


EXS is forming partnerships with leading Asian co-working operators to consolidate and reorganize the sector to form the  Asia Co-Working Alliance (“ACWA”), with a goal to be Asia's prohibitive market leader

ACWA intends to consolidate an initial 100+ co-working sites across Asia, transforming the business from a traditional leasehold / hotel management model into an owner-operator model through the purchase, development and management of the underlying property


EXS sponsored integrated fitness, nutrition and wellness community ecosystem with physical spaces and online presence across Asia




Shui On Land


Convertible preferred investment into successful new China venture by leading Hong Kong developer


US$4 billion IPO in Hong Kong

Asia Broadcast Satellite


Creation of leading Asian satellite company by combining experienced team + distressed satellite assets


Exit to PE firm via trade sale

Harbin Brewery


Consolidated many local breweries into regional leader for exit to global players


Sold to Anheuser-Busch

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Securus Data Property Fund


Pan-Europe/Asia data centre fund; whose assets formed part of the portfolio of Keppel DC REIT, the first pure-play data centre REIT in Asia

50% stake in management platform sold to Keppel

Project Arsenal


Tokyo, Japan



Takeover of listed Tokyo residential REIT & REIT manager



The residential's sponsor was badly hurt by the 2008-09 downturn in the Japanese property sector and was perceived as "weak"

As a result, the REIT units were trading badly, and punitive interest rates were imposed on the REIT debt by the bank  


While several other parties were interested in taking over the REIT, EXS successfully worked with the REIT sponsor’s CEO and senior management to close a deal where an activist investor acquired a large portion of the REIT units from the REIT sponsor and other investors to acquire an effective controlling stake

Project Byblos




Buyout of distressed shareholder in residential development



Property development business was restricted due to the distressed situation of the existing foreign shareholders

The company's management was looking to acquire full control of the company and expand the business 

EXS engineered a preferred structure and successfully led the offshore financing, enabling the management team to achieve their goal and providing investors with strong IRR and share of the additional profits