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EXS employs a highly differentiated strategy & structure

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People & platforms, not just assets

As real estate is the ultimate local / specialized game, EXS partners with expert management teams into fully-aligned platforms rather than compete for individual real estate assets

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Contrarian & counter-cyclical

Especially in Asia, timing is everything. But many private equity funds are raised (and deployed) at the top of the market; since we are investing substantial amounts of our own capital and don’t charge commitment fees (that pressure putting money to work), EXS takes a much more contrarian, counter-cyclical approach

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Investment structures for Asian volatility

Rather than forming typical PE / RE closed-end blind pool funds (which tend to fail in Asia’s periodic crisis), EXS sponsors longer-term, multi-stage capital structures with the ability to survive and thrive through Asian volatility

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Alignment & transparency

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Skin in the game

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Typically, EXS invests far more of our own capital and resources into each platform than a traditional PE firm; EXS charges management fees and other economics only on invested rather than committed capital, resulting in less fee drag and greater alignment of interests with our investor partners

Since EXS invests “deal-by-deal” at the platform level, with full visibility into the strategy, management and underlying projects, EXS investors have greater understanding and transparency compared to typical blind pool private equity funds

Our multi-asset, multi-stage platforms can be built to a much larger scale, and thus achieving multiple higher value realizations, including portfolio sales, refinancing and strategic partnerships as well as IPO and/or REIT listings, can be expected

Bigger, better exits

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